Thursday, November 19, 2009

A good teacher:

Gives good simple directions for activities
Is imaginative, cooperative, expressive, open-minded, and optimistic
Inspires both creativity and analytical ability
Makes students enthusiastic about learning
Puts himself/herself in learners’ shoes daily
Develops and nurtures students’ confidence
Pays attention to what motivates students and uses it
Sets high standards and helps students meet them
Teaches students to be independent
Makes himself/herself available to students
Varies activities so that each concept is taught in more than one way
Knows how to correct mistakes without crushing student egos
Is well organized about grading and paperwork
Keeps the class focused on the topic
Uses a variety of teaching methods
Uses visual aids or technology to make the class more interesting
Tries new lessons to add to the repertoire
Is receptive to questions, listens to students’ concerns
Treats students equally & fairly, doesn’t abuse power
Tries to create opportunities for real communication in English
Has patience and a good sense of humor
Returns assignments quickly, begins and ends class on time
Remembers students’ names
Knows his/her own learning styles and preferences as well as students’
Is aware of cultural differences, strives to learn enough not to offend
Makes a clear syllabus and sticks to its promises
Is willing and open to suggestions from peers or students
Keeps the level of anxiety down in the classroom
Deals with both more and less advanced students in ways that help both
Is student-centered
Never gives up hope on students
Broadens students’ perspective
Promotes cooperation and good relations among students in a class
Admits to limitations, isn’t afraid of not knowing or of making mistakes
Understands what the students need
Gives examples before requiring students to present
Controls time effectively
Keeps the purpose of teaching clear
Speaks well and carefully
Evaluates students’ performance throughout the course
Challenges students, but doesn’t expect perfection
Can predict students’ mistakes
Can advise students on future studies
Always upgrades himself/herself professionally, keeps learning
Can keep personal life out of the classroom if necessary

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